An Open Letter about Liangong and Wen Mei Yu from Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming


Many people in many areas have claimed backgrounds that they do not really have. This continues to be a problem. In the past, it was more difficult to check someone's background in China than it is now. Dr. Zhuang wrote a letter that is unambiguous about Wen Mei Yu's true Liangong background. The letter is copied in text form here. This letter should raise questions about other aspects of the background claimed by Wen Mei Yu. Since arriving in North America, Wen Mei Yu has claimed disciple status to an unbelievable array of kung fu masters. Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming was once included in this group. Since this letter was written, Wen Mei Yu's online resume now concentrates on reporting training with deceased masters. There are still records that would allow these other unbelievable claims of Wen Mei Yu to be checked.


Zhuang Yuan Ming
No. 909, 235 Chong Qing Road North
Shanghai, 200003
P. R. China
November 16, 2001
Unique Productions, Inside Kung Fu Magazine
4201 W. Van Owen Place
Burbank, CA 91505

Dear Sirs,

Please be advised that the Liangong Video series featuring Wen Mei Yu is filled with false and misleading information. Wen Mei Yu was never my close student. At best she may have attended a weekend seminar.

I cannot comment on her claims of the teachers she claims to have studied with. I can only speak for myself, Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming, creator and developer of Liangong.

In 1992, she appeared at the Liangong International Gathering held then at the Garden Hotel here in Shanghai. She presented me with a plaque and proclaimed before all the people the positive effects of Liangong in 18 forms. I thought to myself, "That's all well and good, but who is this person?"

Later on outside the hotel, she and two of her students posed with myself and two of my Japanese students. Her students couldn't speak or understand Chinese, or they would have heard my cries as to, "who is this person? I really don't know her."

A week later, she interviewed me claiming that any money received from the article would be donated to the Liangong Association of Shanghai. To date the association has received nothing.

The video series is filled with many inaccuracies. To many to mention. In addition to claiming to be, or portraying herself to be my student, she claims to have studied Tui Na or massage with me. This is again a false claim, as I only teach massage methods to my closest students. As any person who knows who has studied martial arts for a long period of time, any form done incorrectly over a long period of time will result in damage. Liangong is no exception. It took many years to develop these exercises and they are the result of scientific testing. The results of which can be provided upon request.

While the video and her teaching may have provided some relief of stress for those who follows these methods, the truth is that over time problems will likely develop. Since the 1930's I have studied the martial arts exercises, beginning formally with the late Wang Zhiping. In the 1960's I began testing the exercises clinically and can assure you that my only reason for developing them has been to help people in the long run.

I do not blame you or your company, nor the director, producer, or production company behind this video. It is professionally done. I blame the star who has falsified the relationship with me, and the content of the video is not consistent with the Liangong that took me many years for not only myself but all those who have supported me in development of Liangong in 18 forms.

The door is not closed to Ms. Yu, or anyone who would like to study Liangong in 18 forms. She is welcome in Shanghai, or upon request someone in her area can be recommended to her. We have qualified students world-wide. A 3 part VCD, professionally produced is noe finally available in which all three series are demonstrated.

I know you have your business to run, but if you're looking for authentic Liangong, and not fake, please contact me directly or my son Zhuang Jian Shen. We can provide you with written and audio-visual materials that are legitimate.

Thank You for your consideration in this matter.


Zhuang Yuan Ming
Developer of Liangong in 18 Forms
FAX: 011-8621-6327 1956

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