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Liangong: Health Exercises for Stress and Pain Management

Liangong Exercises Are for Those of Us Who Sit Far Too Long or Move Way Too Much
(or value a straighter posture and more flexible joints)

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Liangong is a comprehensive system of health exercises that was created by Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming in 1974, when he tested the effectiveness of Chi Kung and Traditional Chinese Health Exercises in a Shanghai hospital on over 10,000 patients who suffered from acute pain. Many of those tested had already had surgery or extensive drug, herbal, massage, or physical therapy, and were seeking any means to end their plight.

The tests not only confirmed that yogic type exercises could be used in alleviating acute pain, but more importantly, Dr. Zhuang modified ancient, traditional exercises to be more precise in addressing specific issues in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, and feet, as well as providing immediate relief from stress and discomfort associated with pain. Additionally, he found that the exercises, which he called Liangong in 18 forms, encouraged long term flexibility and muscular toning, and greatly supported the prevention of re-injury.

While the exercises have maintained some similarities with ancient Chi Kung, and share similar characteristics with Pilates and Yoga, i.e. focusing on posture and alignment synthesized with control and precision, Liangong has its own character in that within the various postures, a deeper stretch is formed by combining an isolation of precise, targeted areas with enhanced breathing and a unique stretching of the spine that involves, very often, lifting the sternum, drawing the navel to the spine, and releasing the tailbone within shapes specifically meant to address problem areas primarily in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

Participants at an International Liangong Gathering
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Exercises for Strengthening the Spine, the Joints, and Managing Stress

In China, Japan and Brazil one of the fastest growing set of health exercises is "Lian Gong Shi Ba Fa" or "Liangong in 18 forms". Some people may have observed daily company exercise routines that are quite common in Japan's corporate world. Very likely the exercises that are being practiced are Liangong in 18 Forms. Liangong is a development of traditional exercises that set-up an effective, specific stretch, that feels very often like medium to intense massage and supports the development of flexibility and internal strength. The roots of the practice are from Kung Fu stretching and internal strengthening exercises, traditional Chinese medicine, therapeutic massage ("tuina"), and ancient Chinese Chi Kung. In 1974, these exercises were used by Dr. Zhuang on patients with acute pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, and feet. Through scientific and practical exploration of what was effective in treating perpetual pain with exercise, Liangong was born. The original exercise set that was developed was called Liangong in 18 forms representing the first set of 18 exercises created by Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming in a clinical setting.

In North America, there has been increased interest in the last twenty years in Pilates and Yoga. In lieu of this interest, a variety of other health practices that are extremely popular elsewhere, and possibly more effective, have not experienced the same growth in the United States. This is in part with the desire to discover more about oneself, or for those who value external means such as apparatus, machines, or tools that offer more resistance than they may otherwise be able conjure. However, in Liangong, similar to isometrics, all that's required is the desire and perseverance to have the best posture that you can have and maintain it by using the most unique thing of all: You.

Meanwhile, Liangong has had tremendous growth in Brazil, China, Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia but remains virtually unknown in Europe and North America. It has had some exposure, albeit limited, in the U.S., England, and Canada from Chinese martial arts and Chi Kung instructors that have been exposed to Liangong or aware of the scientific testing of Liangong. If you want to learn more about Liangong, create a daily practice set for your company or find an instructor that teaches Dr. Zhuang's Liangong exercises, contact

liangong DVD

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